In this bold and provocative new book, the author of In the Beginning and The Reenchantment of Nature challenges the widely held assumption that the world. The Twilight of Atheism has ratings and 42 reviews. In the Twilight of Atheism, Alister McGrath gives readers a historical overview of atheism that includes. The Twilight of Atheism. Why this once exciting and ‘liberating’ philosophy failed to capture the world’s imagination. by Alister McGrath|.

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The thesis is easy to follow, the history passionate and the language entertaining.

The Best Metal of See all books by Alister McGrath. I have read several essays and have heard lectures by McGrath over the past couple of years. While this suggestion might seem astonishing to some atheists, it is not only philosophically correct but also illuminating in shedding light on the changed fortunes of atheism in recent years.

Also by Alister McGrath. McGrath leaves no stone unturned, nor any important source unconsulted, in tracing atheism’s rise and fall.

Even if you disagree with where he ends up, I think it is hard to criticize his research ztheism incredible knowledge of the subject. I don’t see that Atheism has died quite as much as McGrath would seem to believe, but still a good work. McGrath sees the golden age of atheism as beginning with the fall of the Bastille in and ending with the fall of the Berlin Wall in Perhaps the abject failure of Communism served as a moral tonic for those who believed the movement to be aljster superior, and perhaps the taint of association with mcgrathh most murderous regimes in the world’s history has frightened many away from adopting or espousing atheistic ideas.

Atheism rose to prominence in part through the French Revolution and its significant critique of the failings of the French Church, the intellectual ideas of Feuerbach, Mcgath and Freud who all critique belief in God as a flaw in humanity, and the rise of natural science specifically evolution.

Here we see, once again, the appeal to diversity to ward off the close-mindedness of atheism and rationalism.


The Twilight of Atheism: The Rise and Fall of Disbelief in the Modern World by Alister E. McGrath

While he makes a few stabs at what makes organised religion successful v. The decline of modernity and the rise of postmodernism played a part in the critique of atheism too. Read this with my reading partner – his choice – but I am glad to have read it. But considering how easily these new and controversial ideas allow for a scientific dismissal of religion on the grounds that the human animal has been preconditioned by evolution to believe in external agency in the natural world where none exists, it is easy to imagine that McGrath might shy away from any such an explanation.

More By and About This Author. Oh, he’s clever alright in framing the argument as either-or, and mcgrrath theism and atheism as the two possible sides of the coin.

McGrath’s dry humor leaks into the prose as well, a welcome addition to the detached academic tone. Self-proclaimed prophets are a dime a dozen, and any religious movement probably contains similar embarrassing characters. Easy to read, but challenging enough to cause one to review history lessons they may have long forgotten, and put together pieces of history that may not have seemed to have a connection, only to find out that they are connected in much deeper fashion. So perhaps the current aljster of atheism at the bookstores is a case of being brightest before the dusk.

He doesn’t think religion is declining — kf the title of his book states, he believes it is atheism that is looking at troubled times ahead though he wisely admits that it will not be possible to rid the world of it entirely.

I learned much about the intellectual foundations of atheism.

But even if atheists make for inapt proselytizers, the idea itself is not without appeal. Disappointingly, The Twilight of Atheism is focussed almost solely on Christianity, and except for briefly enthusing over the Korean embrace of Christianity he doesn’t even venture much beyond Europe and the United States and only in the final paragraph adds the word that belongs appended throughout the book, acknowledging he’s been talking about: Later on he even says “[a] Pentecostal worship experience is going to trump anything atheism can offer by way of the secular equivalent of worship.


He gets away with this because his book does, for the most part, address an idea of ‘atheism’ that is, indeed, the other side of the belief-coin. Atheism offers something romantic and liberating, but it also has a more serious problem dealing with the modernistic view of “truth” even though modernity led us into the destructive paths it laid in the last century.

Feb 24, Robert Pajer rated it really liked it. He is right to point out that many of the arguments either for or against religion on purely philosophical grounds are circular.

The Twilight of Atheism: The Rise and Fall of Disbelief in the Modern World

It isn’t entirely irredeemable, but The House that Jack Built’ s familiar gimmicks say much more about Lars von Trier as a brand than as a provocateur or artist. It’s not exactly flawless Christian apologetics, as McGrath does not anticipate some obvious atheistic counter-arguments to his critiques. The first twilifht of “The Twilight of Atheism” is an outstanding illustration of the historical rise of atheism, easily worthy of five stars.

Published February 21st by WaterBrook first published January 1st I would recommend this to someone who could appreciate this point of view.

The Twilight of Atheism by Alister McGrath – PopMatters

Book ratings by Goodreads. Popmatters is wholly independently owned and operated. This really isn’t good enough. There are countless other beliefs that can not be proved — and whose falseness hence also defies proof.

But he tries too hard to have his cake and eat it too, conflating actual atheism with the various anti-theistic movements and refusing fhe acknowledge the very real differences between the two concepts.

Trivia About The Twilight of A