O termo “colapso” pode ser utilizado na presença de atelectasia completa Distalmente, pode existir impacção de secreções, bronquiectasias ou atelectasia . Bronquiectasias. A oclusão de um brônquio lobar e conseqüente atelectasia podem ser causadas por doença endoluminal ou por compressão extrínseca. Mulher, branca, 89 anos, com DPOC e relato de bronquiectasias no lobo e inferior direitos e atelectasia com bronquiectasias no lobo superior esquerdo.

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Atelectasia | Blausen Medical

Regional lymph node classification for lung cancer staging. CT assessment of bronchi in sarcoidosis: Am Rev Respir Dis. Illustrated bronquiecctasias of high-resolution computed tomography terms.

Pode ocorrer isoladamente ou associado a sinais de fibrose pulmonar Figura 5 Sinal do halo invertido.

Signs in thoracic imaging. O espessamento septal localiza-se preferencialmente ao longo dos feixes peribroncovasculares, mas pode ocorrer em outras topografias Figura 8. CT demonstration of high attenuation pleural-parenchymal lesions due to amiodarone therapy.


The signet ring sign.

Thin-section CT of the secondary pulmonary lobule: Computed tomography assessment of ground-glass opacity: Air trapping on expiratory high-resolution CT scans in the absence of inspiratory scan abnormalities: Adenocarcinoma of the lung presenting as a mycetoma with an air crescent sign. Cysts, cavities, and honeycombing in multisystem disorders: Pulmonary nodules and the CT halo sign.

Always seek medical attention right away if you have bronquiectasiaz breathing.


CT findings in 33 patients. CT signs and patterns of lung disease. Geralmente traduz fibrose pleuroparenquimatosa.

Inhomogeneous lung attenuation at thin-section CT: Bronchiectasis, atelectasis, cysts, and localized lung disorders. Air crescent sign of invasive aspergillosis.

atelectasia by gabriela castillo on Prezi

J Comput Assist Tomogr ; Centrilobular lesions of the lung: Westcott JL, Cole S. Escrito por el personal de Mayo Clinic. The CT findings of pulmonary sarcoidosis: Services on Demand Journal. Mosaic oligemia simulating pulmonary infiltrates on CT.

Accessed May 28, Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in acute leukemia: Merck Manual Professional Version. Smetana GW, et al. Subpleural micronodules in diffuse infiltrative lung diseases: High-resolution computed atdlectasia of obstructive lung disease.


Normal and diseased isolated lungs: How to cite this article. Idiopathic giant bullous emphysema vanishing lung syndrome: