Athanasius of Alexandria also called Athanasius the Great, Athanasius the Confessor or, He was known as Athanasius Contra Mundum (Latin for Athanasius Against the World). two earliest treatises Contra Gentes (Against the Heathens) and De Incarnatione (On the Incarnation), which were admittedly written about the. LibriVox recording of Contra Gentes, by Athanasius of Alexandria. Read by Jonathan Lange. Contra Gentes is the first of a two volume work. ATHANASIUS: CONTRA GENTES. TRANSLATION AND COMMENTARY CONTENTS OF THE ‘CONTRA GENTES’ Introduction (1). I. The origin of evil: man’s.

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Athanasius’ list is similar to the Codex Vaticanus in the Vatican Library, probably written in Rome, in by Alexandrian scribes for Emperor Constans, during the period of Athanasius’ seven-year exile in the city.

Athanasius stood virtually alone congra the world. For the opinion held about God would on the same principle have been a nobler one, were He to manifest Himself by means of living animals, whether rational or irrational, instead of being looked for in things without life or motion.

Athanasuus if the combination of the parts makes up the whole, and the whole is combined out of the parts, then the whole consists of the parts, and each of them is a portion of the whole.

Orders were given that if the Saint attempt to re-enter his see, he should be put to death. Bishop arguing with a pagan ; bishop holding an open book; bishop standing over a defeated heretic. The Libyans have for god a sheep which they call Ammon, and in other nations this animal is slain as a victim to many gods. For the fiction and falsehood they ascribe to the poets ought to extend to all cases.

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Notes by Jean-Claude Larchet. Saint Augustine on the Resurrection of Christ: Atanasio Athanasius Egidio da Ferrara Giles?

Contra Gentes : Athanasius of Alexandria : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

In which connection one must condemn their folly, in that they proclaim as gods things of which they themselves are the makers, and themselves ask salvation of objects which they themselves adorn with their arts to preserve them from corruption, and beg that their own wants may be supplied by beings which they well know need attention from themselves, and are not ashamed to call lords of heaven and all the earth creatures whom they shut up in small chambers.


Proof of the existence of the rational soul. He was the true pillar of the church. Together they set out for Sardica, Sofia. He sent him five hundred pieces of gold “to bear his charges” which Liberius refused, saying he might bestow them on his flatters; as he did also a like present from the empress, bidding the messenger learn to believe in Christ, and not to persecute the Church of God.

But the audacity of menhaving regard not to what is expedient and becoming, but to what is possible for it, began to do the contrary; whence, moving their hands to the contrary, it made them commit murderand led away their hearing to disobedience, and their other members to adultery instead of to lawful procreation; and the tongue, instead of right speaking, to slander and insult and perjury ; the hands again, to stealing and striking fellow-men; and the sense of smell to many sorts of lascivious odours; the feet, to be swift to shed blood, and the belly to drunkenness and insatiable gluttony.

But though He is Word, He is not, as we said, after the likeness of human words, composed of syllables; but He is the unchanging Image of His own Father. This letter clearly shows his stand that accepting Jesus as the Divine Son of God is not optional but necessary:.

The truth as to evil is that which the Church teaches: Or, if the soul’s own teaching is insufficient, by reason of the external things which cloud its intelligence, and prevent its seeing what is higher, yet it is further possible to attain to the knowledge of God from the things which are seen, since Creation, as though in written characters, declares in a loud voice, by its order and harmony, its own Lord and Creator.

For that would make God consist of dissimilar parts, and subject Him to possible dissolution.


More especially, they are exposed to the following reply. But neither can the one be included in the other, their nature being unmixed and unlike. While others, dividing apart the portions of men’s bodies, head, shoulder, hand, and foot, have set up each as gods and deified them, as though their religion were athamasius satisfied with the whole body in its integrity. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Contra Gentes

In his letter to Emperor Constantiushe presents a defense of himself bearing unmistakable traces of a study of Demosthenes de Corona. He quietly withdrew from Alexandria, 5 October, and took up his abode in a country house outside the city.

Still, as you nevertheless desire to hear about it, Macariuscome let us as we may be able set forth a few points of the faith of Christ: And again, if as we have shown, the soul moves the body and is not moved by other things, it follows that the movement of the soul is spontaneous, and that this spontaneous movement goes on after the body is laid aside in the earth.

Military saints Virtuous pagan. For God did not take His stand upon His contrs nature let genges plead that as an excuse and leave Himself utterly unknown to men; but as I said above, He so ordered Creation that although He is by nature invisible He may yet be known by His works.

Or if they do not deem these worthy of divine honourbut recognise that they are men, it were but consistent not to give even the name of gods to Zeus, Hera, and the others, but to atahnasius that they too have been human beings, and all the more so, inasmuch as they were not even respectable in their day; just dontra by the very fact of sculpturing their form in statues they show that they are nothing else but ventes.

But this can be made clearer once for all from the action of the soul in the body.