Christ the Healer, first published by my late father, F. F. Bosworth, in , has been in continual print for seventy-six years. The book has been the living pioneer. F. F. Bosworth’s earnest prayer was that many thousands would learn to apply the promises of God’s Word to their lives through his book, Christ the Healer. Christ the Healer by F.F. Bosworth is more than a classic book on healing. It is a classic book on faith – faith for healing. I agree with Bosworth’s assertion that.

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From the time Bosworth received his Pentecostal experience, Bosworth felt driven to share the new life he experienced. Aug 21, Esther Dan rated it it was amazing.

So sad to be proud of such a meaningless thing.

F. F. Bosworth

In the late s, Parham was hampered by controversial allegations of Sodomy, said th have been stirred by his Zion city opponent W. During Dowie’s empire collapsed as millions of dollars went missing and it ended up in bankruptcy under the control of the courts.

Bosworth was one of five children who grew up living on prairies in Nebraska in a devout Methodist home. This updated edition includes a foreword by the author’s son and a concluding chapter detailing the incredible epilogue to “Chri Bosworth offers a comprehensive discussion of healing, based on the premise that it’s God’s will for all Christians to be physically healed.

Thereafter, Lake and Hezmalhalch became ministry partners and embarked on a few years of successful ministry together. I don’t write many reviews so this will tell you how highly I think if this book.

A year or so after they were married, after seeing copies of Dowie’s newsletter, Bowsorth and his wife moved to Zion, Illinois then called Zion Citya theocratic, utopian town where modern medicine was banned and only faith healing was allowed.


Mar thd, Joel rated it liked it. Is Healing for All? Bosworth on healing and miracles. By the early to mids he was broadcasting regularly over radio stations in the Chicago area, including WJJD.

We must understand that the term “heal” means many things. Thinking in the Spirit. This is an awesome book on healing and truths.

Christ the Healer – F. F. Bosworth – Google Books

An important truth to note: We live in a world that tells us not to believe. Lake at Zion City, and they would be close friends for several years.

I guess that is due to the language of the author’s era. From Zion City he knew John G. Aug 14, Cesar Medina rated it it was amazing. Foreword to the Edition.

Pity that the language and anecdotes boosworth a bit dated, but the truths are timeless. Bosworth’s increased radio ministry in Chicago appears to coincide with Paul Rader’s reduced broadcast frequency. During the s and s, it appears he also conducted many healing campaigns all over North America as finances permitted.

He was pursuing chrisg bachelor’s degree in business from Dallas Baptist Bowsorth when he he passed from cancer.

Christ the Healer

Views Cbrist Edit View history. Due to financial problems, Paul Rader’s last evangelistic broadcasts in Chicago were in Among all those who sought healing from Jesus Christ during His earthly ministry, we read of only one who had this kind of theology. He became a self-taught musician. Bosworth was about 8 or 9 years old, he accompanied his father to a soldier’s reunion, where he first saw a cornet being played.

Bosworth, as ofcommented that he had more than thirty years of great evangelistic campaigns, and fourteen years of this time conducted the National Radio Revival, and during which time received about a quarter of a million letters. A Prophet Visits South Africa. Christ the Healer by F. All who need a little of His grace to get through a difficult season in life. No bbosworth or quizzes yet. University of Arkansas Press.


Before he went to Indiana, Lake had been led by the spirit of God to dispose his considerable estate to charitable trusts and to trust God for finances. The best book I’ve ever read on the subject of healing.

There chdist no discussion topics on this book yet. When The Great Depression hit inmoney for large-scale meetings became scarce. While there he attended a religious meeting and was approached by an older Methodist “Bible woman” who “used to walk the hills of Georgia and the Carolinas selling Bibles and preaching the gospel.

Bosworth and his radio ministry from the early s to the mids, with the one available magazine of his from indicating that he was broadcasting from several stations across the country, and a article providing a general overview of Bosworth’s radio ministry. Jun 11, James Smith healwr it it was amazing Shelves: Not just little illnesses but life and death issues. As such, this is a pioneer work that has an air of tent meetings and sermons delivered via radio in the tge days of that medium.

Bosworth conducted evangelistic and healing campaigns across the US and launched the “National Radio Revival” ministry.

When his wife died inhe arranged for someone to look after his children, then curist started larger scale evangelistic meetings. I have received a very clear understanding of God’s will for everyone to be well. With many of Dowie’s frauds emerging in the face of lengthy court proceedings, Bosworth gave up hope in Dowie.