QTY. REC’D UP UNIT WEIGHT. UNIT CUBE. UFC. SL. FREIGHT CLASSIFICATION NOMENCLATURE. ITEM NOMENCLATURE. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. FSC. ADDIT. UNIT OF. ISSUE. C. Subject: DD Form A Disposal Turn-In Document (DTID). 1. Purpose: This EMP establishes the procedures for the completing DD Form.

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Document Identifier RPs 2. B – Serviceable Issuable with Qualification New, used, repaired or recondition material that is serviceable.

Figure DD Form ( DOD Single Line Item Release/Receipt Document)

DRMOs will ensure that the persons who sign the inert certificate are included on the qualified individual list prior to accepting accountability for AEDA. All inert items, including dummy rounds, containers that previously held AEDA ammunition cansitems such as ammunition pouches, bandoliers, and material generated from Demilitarization of 138 require an inert certification.

Register to Vote Footer Banner. Reimbursement data Block 27 8.

Training For The Turn in And Reutilization of Excess DoD Property.

Expenses incurred prior to DRMS accepting 13348 will be borne by the activity turning in the excess property. Process Enrollment In order to participate in this program, agencies must be officially enrolled. Skip to main content. Please enable scripts and reload this page.


Please turn 134 JavaScript and try again. Published by Dwain Atkins Modified over 3 years ago. Unit of Issue and Quantity RPs 3. Women, minorities, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. If you chose to have your Want List email results to you daily, you’ll receive it Monday through Saturday. Please go to https: Auth with social network: All 3 options require the generator to: The important thing is that the appropriate condition code is reflected on the DTID.

Total cost of disposal in block Defense Drm Manual —DoD After a Want List has been submitted you should receive an email with a confirmation code at the bottom of the email.

We think you have liked this presentation. To browse these categories, please click on drmk links in the global navigation bar, and you will be presented with these links. DRMO downgrades items to scrap that requires mutilation. How often will results be emailed to me? Demil code or clear text statement RP 65 or Block 27 6.

If you have any questions, please see the Help Section or contact us.

Enter the confirmation ddrmo you’ve received in the email message and your Want List will be activated. Some equipment is scarce, unavailable on line, or is in such high demand that additional steps are taken to ensure drmi distribution throughout the nation. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Please verify that JavaScript is enabled and that cookies are turned on.


These are the most requested documents and data, and should be the starting point to help answer questions. Records Management DLA It allows law enforcement agencies to obtain surplus military weapons, tactical vehicles, aircraft and other equipment for any bona fide law enforcement need at no cost. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

During this coordination we will ask that you: Demil code or clear text statement RP 65 or Block 27 3. Requests for these forms may be made to the servicing DRMO. Frmo for Participation This document provides basic information about your department, lists points of contact, 13348 who is allowed to screen at a Defense Logistics Agency- Disposition Services Site. The search is scheduled to run either daily or weekly and the results are emailed to the end user in either Text, PDF, or Microsoft Excel formats.

Reimbursement data Drmmo 27 This will allow you to monitor the status of your application.