D20 VME Mutli-Node Gateway. Buy Now · More Info. Up to 3 CPU boards, 7 or 14 RS/ ports 19?W x ?H x ?D. We supply the GE D20/D Substation RTU/Gateway which is based on legacy equipment that has been successfully deployed worldwide. In the Southern. The purpose of this course is to provide Telecontrol Technicians/Engineers with sufficient knowledge to use the basic functionalities of GE D20 RTU/Gateway.

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Figure 4 D20 System Architecture D20 High-voltage Peripherals The Multilin D20MX supports a comprehensive set of security functions to allow a seamless integration with existing IT department policies. About Grid Solutions GE’s Grid Solutions business serves customers globally with over 17, employees in approximately 80 countries.

Data Display Panel Table 10 D20a Specifications Table 12 D20k Specifications D20 Power Supply Specifications Grid Solutions helps enable utilities and industry to effectively manage electricity from the point of generation to the point of consumption, helping to maximize the reliability, efficiency and resiliency of the grid. Rtj 35 Interposing Relays It is ruggedized and solid-state-designed to work within stringent substation environmental conditions.


Multifunction Servers, Gateways & RTUs

Figure 11 D20me Ii Main V20 Data Conversion Applications Table of contents Table Of Contents Supported Host Protocols Figure 5 Example D20 Rack Layout Multiple Language Support D20 Battery Chargers D20a Analog Input Peripheral Don’t have rut account? With support for a wide array of input and output options, a large number of protocols available in the industry including IECDNP3. Placing this highly intelligent system at a transformer adds new functionality and value to substation operations.

Frequently Asked Questions GE offers an industry-leading suite of multifunction servers, gateways, RTUs, and data concentrators for automating substation equipment and providing visibility to critical electrical assets found across the transmission and distribution power grids.

GE Digital Energy – Substation Automation :: D20/D Substation Controller

Table 19 D20ac Options A large protocol library facilitates communication to most existing substation devices for improved visibility and remote control. More Info Buy Now.

Power Consumption — D20 Modules D20s Digital Input Peripheral Table 17 D20c Options Detailed Technical Description Table 8 D20s Specifications Figure 8 Example D Rack Layout D20ac, Ac Analog Input Peripheral As technology changes with market demands, GE continues to invest in a partnership with their customers through advanced modular design principals.

Who Should Use This Document DS Agile substation gateway allows SCADA operators to remotely control and monitor the substation in coherence with the operation of entire electrical grid. Figure 33 Three-point Linearity Correction About This Document Table 16 D20c Specifications fe Centralized Authentication and Authorization.


Interposing Relay Etu The D20MX preserves original data time stamps for accurate sequence of event SOE logs, allowing data from large diverse geographic regions and time zones to be analyzed in extreme detail. It introduces a new and modern network security feature suite that enables effective compliance with NERC-CIP requirements, using open and trusted standards and protocols that allow integration with modern cyber security systems and tools.

The D20MX comes with a built-in suite of protocols and security applications to facilitate integration with various substation devices and SCADA hosts. Designing A Distributed D20 Network D20k Control Output Peripheral Figure 15 D20 Chassis non-vme Version DAPserver empowers rtk operators with the information they need to improve the operability, efficiency and reliability of the power system. Advanced Substation Controller Connectivity.